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A 28-year-old man accused of choking a 12-year-old girl who refused his romantic advances, then abusing his dog before fleeing the scene, pleaded not guilty Wednesday in San Mateo County Superior Court.

Lynard Adam Craig was allegedly walking his dog around 6 p.m. on March 11, when he approached a group of young people standing near an apartment building in East Palo Alto and told the victim she was beautiful, prosecutors said.

He then allegedly put his arm around her, pulled her to a stairway and asked her to go upstairs, according to prosecutors.

She refused, and he allegedly grabbed her around the neck with both hands and choked her. The victim broke free and ran away, at which time Craig allegedly picked his dog up by the neck and slammed it on the ground,
then kicked it in the torso before tossing it into the bed of his pickup truck, prosecutors said.

After that, Craig allegedly chased the girl and her friends around in his truck. They ran away and someone called 911.

When police found Craig, he admitted to talking with the girls but denied the rest of the allegations. His dog was turned over to the Peninsula Humane Society & Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Craig was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping, assault with intent to commit a sex crime, child molestation, felony assault and animal abuse.

Craig remains in custody on $1.5 million bail and is scheduled to return to court for a preliminary hearing on April 26.

Defense attorney Gerritt Rutgers was not immediately available to comment on his client’s behalf.

One response to Man Pleads Not Guilty In Alleged Assault Of 12-Year-Old Girl, Dog Abuse

  1. Rag-nay**54 March 26th, 2018 at 6:56 pm

    Good !!!…glade they caught this sick _uck before he could do anymore harm to children or animals. God, then turn around and take it out on his poor dog. Wth??? I hope they throw the book at him. No telling what else he has done ?. I hate hearing about these sick individuals… What is wrong with men now a days ? They have lost all respect for women and animals period. I don’t believe he will ever change, ever.. Send him out on a island somewhere with others of his crimes and see how long he’ll last.