Posted by on February 20, 2018
Categories: BART Crime


Vandalism – Fruitvale Station

2/19/2018, 2245 hours A male was arrested for vandalizing a vehicle parked in the lot. The male made several statements regarding harming himself, he was placed on a psychiatric evaluation hold. He will be booked into jail when he is released. 1802-1115 L19

Warrant Arrest – Lake Merritt Station

2/19/18, 2104 hours Barcley Morgan (46, Oakland) was detained for smoking on the platform. Morgan was detained for an $15,000 outstanding misdemeanor warrant. 1802-1111 L19

Fare Evasion – Lake Merritt Station

2/19/2018 1821 hours a male was contacted for fare evasion and found to have a stay away order from all BART stations. He was taken into custody for the violation of the stay away order and booked into Alameda County jail. 1802-1102 L15.

Resisting Arrest – North Berkeley Station

2/19/2018 1247 hours A male, Lonnie George, was taken into custody after he resisted the detention of an officer who was investigating a possible bicycle theft. George was booked into Berkeley PD jail. 1802-1081 L15